[Coco] Please share server upgrade expense

Dennis Bathory-Kitsz bathory at maltedmedia.com
Wed Apr 28 08:46:14 EDT 2004

Hi all,

Sorry to have been out of touch with some of you. We have had two deaths in
the family during April, and lots of turmoil as you can expect.

The kind folks at pair Networks (http://pair.com/) have been providing our
dedicated maltedmedia.com server at $100/month, 40% of their normal charge.
Three-quarters of this has been sponsored by Princeton String Academy, and
the rest through contributions to the largest site, Kalvos & Damian's New
Music Bazaar.

But two weeks ago -- after six years -- the server ran out of hard drive
space and had to be upgraded. The cost of upgrading to 80GB (four times our
current capacity), including installation and transfer of data, was $150.

Since the maltedmedia.com server is actively used at no cost by a variety
of individuals and nonprofit organizations, I'd appreciate help with that
upgrade charge. If the large-volume users (particularly the music sites)
forwarded $10 to $20 through PayPal to my address
<bathory at maltedmedia.com>, that would cover a fair portion of it. From
email users and a handful of list members, even $1 here and there would be

This doesn't cover bandwidth, which is limited to 60GB/month (and we've
been skating close to the line) or the $1/month domain charges, but I've
been able to absorb that so far.

This charge will be appearing on my debit card on May 1, so help is much

Many thanks,

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