[Coco] Please share server upgrade expense

James Dessart james at skwirl.ca
Wed Apr 28 10:00:06 EDT 2004

On 28-Apr-04, at 8:46 AM, Dennis Bathory-Kitsz wrote:

> Since the maltedmedia.com server is actively used at no cost by a 
> variety
> of individuals and nonprofit organizations, I'd appreciate help with 
> that
> upgrade charge. If the large-volume users (particularly the music 
> sites)
> forwarded $10 to $20 through PayPal to my address
> <bathory at maltedmedia.com>, that would cover a fair portion of it. From
> email users and a handful of list members, even $1 here and there 
> would be
> great.

Anything for the CoCo, Dennis. Please advise me privately if the 
transaction went through properly.

I'm sure we all love this mailing list and want to see it keep on going.


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