[Coco] New os9disasm upload

David dbree at duo-county.com
Wed Apr 28 07:36:17 EDT 2004

I've just added some new additions to the os9disasm directory of
os9tools at sourceforge.  The sourceforge os9tools project is still
active, isn't it?  I noticed where Boisy stated that he intended to move
this, too, but I haven't seen it appear on nitros9 site, so I'm assuming
that the sourceforge project is still valid?

Anyway, I've added preliminary 6309 capability.  This part should
probably be considered beta, but I believe that the parts I've addressed
work well enough to get a decent disassembly.

As of now, from my preliminary tests, the parts that I've gotten to work
decently are the "aim" family, the "band" family, and "tfm".  I believe
I've gotten the "tfr" additions to disassemble correctly.

Previously, I had added some documentation and included the defs files
that are needed.  For the documentation, I have included an html set of
files.  These were compiled with the LDP stylesheet.  If anyone prefers
a different stylesheet or a different format, the xml sources for the
documentation are included.  You can compile them into any format you
wish if you have the tools.

If anyone is interested in this, download it and check it out.  You can
send me some feedback if you have any comments.  For anyone who is
interested but hasn't tried it, it currently deals only with OS9 format
modules.  If there's any interest, I can add capability to do RS-Dos
files, too, or even others if there's a desire.

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