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Sun Oct 26 02:32:00 EST 2003

On Sat, 25 Oct 2003 22:41:05 -0700
  "Stephen H. Fischer" <SFischer1 at MindSpring.com> wrote:
Major snippage for bandwith conservation :)
>I am concerned about the following words and some other 
>comments and
>I hope that we are not being so limited as to who we 
>accept that too many
>Real CoCo Persons will be excluded.
>Yes, if the person can be identified as someone we wish 
>to exclude then
>stern measures are justified.
>But we should not be in the mode of placing ALL NEW 
>members in the guilty
>A requirement of having a valid non-anonymous address 
>given to the Moderator
>is a valid one.
>I hope that we will have a method that allows CoCo 
>questions to be seen by
>the people here that have so much experience and are 
>working on new and
>exciting projects for the CoCo. Thus increasing our 
>Stephen H. Fischer <sfischer1 at mindspring.com>
>> The problem is that the type of mini-attack
>> -John
>> wb8tyw at qsl.net
>> Personal Opinion Only


This is just my opinion, but from what I know of both 
Dennis   (Maltedmedia) and Neil (Yahoo) both strike me as 
pretty fair people who have the best interests of the CoCo 
community at heart and will do as much as possible to 
promote it.  You accept the requirement of giving a 
non-anonymous email address which I too think is fair to 
all parties.  What else would new members to either list 
have to worry about?

I believe Dennis will let anyone who gives a valid email 
address subscribe to the list, and it will be  their own 
behavour that determines whether they will be banned or 

What I think will lose people with the move to the the 
Yahoo or Maltedmedia lists is the lack of information of 
the death of the Princeton list and with Dennis posting 
regularly to that list and with mor people adding links to 
both lists to their web sites, this is becoming less of an 

Just my $0.02

Jim Cox

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