[Coco] Re: Old Color Computer Information

Neil Morrison neilsmorr at hotpop.com
Fri Oct 17 02:08:00 EDT 2003

I suspect that Ziff Davis have killed more magazines than several
companies together ever owned. I particularly missed "Electronics", a
US magazine which had excellent articles on electronic components,
often written by manufacturers. I still have most of my copies, and
they are still useful.


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From: "Dennis Bathory-Kitsz" <bathory at maltedmedia.com>

> Right. That was Wayne Green's empire. I worked there as well -- 
> 80 Micro, 73, etc. He lost Byte to his ex-wife Virginia, however
(which is
> why his license plate displayed the otherwise enigmatic "FUVA").
> The Color Computer Magazine and others were the editorial refugees
> Wayne's erratic behavior who founded new publications, including me
> Debra Marshall, who was my editor years after TCCM and the rest of
the rags
> in Camden, Maine, were eaten and killed deliberately by Ziff-Davis.
> I started UnderColor, which failed after 11 issues, as a result of
> Ziff-Davis destruction of our work.

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