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jimcox at miba51.com jimcox at miba51.com
Tue Oct 14 01:20:00 EDT 2003

OK, why not :)

Jim Cox
Age: 45
More nay then gray, but no beard :)
Lived in Seattle area all my life.  Currently live in 
Bellevue where I have neighbors who make the Osborne's 
look like the Cleavers.

*First CoCo,which I still have, was a 16K Gray Case that I 
upgraded to 64K.  Used that all through college (AAS in 
Electronics) and to help my no defunked mail-order 
business (sold D&D stuff)  This machine  was replaced by 
an Atari ST and to be honest, that's where I sort of took 
a detour I regret.
*I then moved to a 386 and for a long time forgot about 
the CoCo until a supervisor at work got me interested 
again.  The system I was working on at the time was a 6809 
based Flight Navigation system with three ARINC Ports and 
three proprietary RS422 style ports.  Memory was orginally 
a bubble memory system, but that was replaced by a CMOS 
* I then picked up a CoCo-3 and started a OS-9 group in 
the area.  Strange thing though, everyone who replied to 
the add in the free computer paper didn't want to join the 
group, they just wanted to give me stuff.  In the past, 
the GCC and some list members have benefitted by the 
freebies I gave away.  I also was given a MMIB that I gave 
to Chris Spry.  I now wish I had kept it, they sound like 
fun.  Thanks to Bob Devries though, I may be able to use 
my ST as an OS-9 system.  Thanks Bob :)
* For reasons I won't go into, just haven't had the time 
until now to start organizing stuff and get going.  As a 
lot of you know I've had some false starts.
* My CoCo claim to fame, the OS-9 group that turned into a 
CoCo rescue service and asking a lot of questions on the 
* I have several Windows 2K boxes and some Linux/BSD 
boxes, plus some CoCo-2's and 3's.
* Currently work as an Engineering Tech.
* Hobbies: CoCo's, Astronomy, Robotics, Linux/BSD and 
working with SETI at Home/BOINC, and making excuses for never 
having enough time to do all this.
* Goals: Would like to use the CoCo and the stuff I 
aquired to relearn assmebly and move into embedded systems 
* Guess another claim to fame is the longest bio on this 
list yet :)

BTW, thanks to everyone on this list for answering 
questions and for just chatting at times too.  Cheers!


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