[Coco] Re: bio

Dean Coffey dean_coffey at atariland.com
Mon Oct 13 20:26:00 EDT 2003

Here's mine too....another lurker coming out of the woodwork.  :)

Name:  Dean Coffey
Location:  Albany, KY
Age:  33  Guess now I'm the baby...at least til someone else pipes up
First Computer:  MC-10, followed shortly by a CoCo2, Disk Drive, Sound/Speech 
pak, and Direct Connect modem, all in the mid 80s.  Still have that CoCo2 but 
the rest is long gone.
Current System:  Dell Precision 410 Dual PIII-500s running BeOS 5 and lots of 
Claim to Fame:  No claims to fame, other than being a bit of a hardware/
software pack rat--lots of tinkering with alternative OSes and such.


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