[Coco] BIO:

David Hazelton davehazelton at access-4-free.com
Wed Oct 15 11:14:01 EDT 2003

Name: 	David Hazelton
Age:	37
Born:	Portland, Maine
(Sort-of) Norway, Maine

Lived last 13 years: Manchester, New Hampshire.

Occupation: Unemployed, Unix System Administrator/Network Administrator

Family:  Wife and 6 children, Oldest is Stepson at 19, youngest is 2 
months old.

Computers Active:
Dell P166 with 40GB running Mandrake Linux 8.2 as Samba, Netatalk 		 
Athlon 600 w/W98SE (Home built),
E-machine PIII 600 w/W98SE (Wife's),
Compaq Duron 700 w/W2000 professional,
PowerMac 7600/132 Macintosh (just bought at local junk store for $10), 
IBM PII 230 running Mandrake 9.0 desktop, waiting for 9.2 at end of 		 

Computers Non-active:
CoCo 1 64K - X-mas present from parents - storage
CoCo 3 512k - Bought as after seeing it at Princeton Rainbowfest  86.
		Just fired it up again, Disto II Controller is not 				working.  No 
Idea if B&B is working.  Wanted to move new 		Nitro to it.  it is still 
Setup just not not working, 				waiting for superboard.
MM1/B  64mb - Sits there collecting dust.  Didn't like MGR, to 
slow, no 			software. Want to add Ethernet, Have a copy of ISP from 		 
2.4 machine, but no source for card drivers.  MM1/B runs 		Os9 3.0.
'486   	64mb - running system created from original Microware 
Demo of 				Os9000.  Could be on network, haven't found use reason 				yet.
'486	64mb - Running Mandrake 7.2, first Linux server I had at home.  		 
Sit there because Mandrake distributions are compiled 				for 586 and up 
since then.
Performa 550
	20mb - Originally my Wife's, Moved to children's room and now in 	 
storage, since I bought the PM7600.

Claim to fame:

	Been to 2 Pennefest, with the last one the 20th Anniversary.
	Worked with OS9 v2.4 at last job.

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