[Coco] BIO:

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Wed Oct 15 22:06:00 EDT 2003

Name:   John Malmberg
Age:    $2D
Born:   Kalmazoo, Mich.

Lived last 3 years: Milford, New Hampshire.
Prior: Columbia Tn, Aurora Ill, and Rockford Ill.

Current Occupation: OpenVMS Operating System development
Prior:  Computer systems support for Manufacturing Plants.

Family:  Wife and 2 children

Computers Active:
COCO 2 with 4 slot multipak and XPAD
COCO 3 with 7 slot modified multipak and XPAD.
Digital 300 Mhz PC for testing.
AlphaServer DS10 running OpenVMS 7.3-2 EFT
Alpha Multia running OpenVMS 7.2
VAX 4000-500 running OpenVMS 7.3
MicroVAX III running OpenVMS 7.1
486 DX 50 laptop running Slackware LINUX.
TI-99/4A with speech module.

Computers Non-active:
1 or two COCO 2's and a COCO 3.  Known to work.
2 COCO 3's that may not be functional.
TRS80 Mod IV upgrade from Mod 3.
Several 486/25 and 485/50 laptops.
486/100 tower.
386/25? desktop.
P90 desktop.
MicroVAX I

Claim to fame:

Amateur Radio Licensee.

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