[Coco] Recommendations for a good monitor (RGB input) for CoCo 3?

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It is important to remember that what is called RGB wasn't really a standard but instead a description of the output that indicated the Red, Blue and Green signals were sent separately. Each computer had its own special way of encoding it. Analog vs Digital, composite sync vs horizontal and vertical sync or even sync on green. There is also the horizontal sync rate, most of the 8bit era sync a signal at around 15khz and modern monitors were built with a 31khz minimum based on VGA's sync rates.

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At CoCoFEST! 2018 I saw the CoCo 3 RGB to SCART adapter, plus the SCART to
HDMI adapter, and thought "well, that's a bit of overkill when you can just
use the RGB output directly into a monitor with an RGB input".

Aha... that's the gotcha with CoCo 3 RGB. Thanks! Armed with this info,
I'll dig deeper into this.

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> If that is the case I'd get one of the coco to SCART cables that are
being built and a SCART to HDMI convertor and connect to nearly any modern

> Finding an LCD that can sync the 15khz RGB signal from the coco would is
hard if it is even possible.
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