[Coco] Date changes for the current century

Stephen Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Sun Apr 1 22:06:15 EDT 2018

OK, some time looking at the OS-9 L-II manual I see that what I said 
before is incorrect.

The same six (6) bytes are used in OS-9 and NitrOS-9 for the system date 
and time and five (5) bytes (With no Seconds) for File Date and Time.

I have yet to get an NitrOS-9 system running but perhaps 1950 - 1999 and 
2000 - 2050 are chosen or some other dividing point and the utilities 
make been changed to make the decision to add "19" or "20" in front.

So fixing "Watch" is doable and HDIRECT needs to add the "19" or "20" in 
front. And any other utility I wrote so confusion will be avoided.


On 4/1/2018 10:10 AM, Stephen Fischer wrote:
> (* Prints an indented, hierachal directory

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