[Coco] Power Stones of Ard II

Michael Robinson michael at robinson-west.com
Fri Nov 18 03:05:18 EST 2016

I have solved the first two towers.  I'm stuck on the second floor of  
the third tower.  There are tons of items, a dining hall with tables  
and benches, a fireplace with no fire in it in a kitchen, and a narrow  
chimney that one apparently cannot climb up.  Power stones of Ard II  
is a 3 C's Project game from back in the 90s.

Trying to plug around on google hoping to find a hint or the answer, I  
keep getting links to Power Stones of Ard search for the spirit stone  
instead.  I can find disk images that are drivewire compatible, but I  
need help with the puzzle which is darn near impossible to crack.

I used to have disk drives, they went bad.  I would like a disk image  
for drivewire of flight simulator, sands of egypt, etcetera.

    -- Michael Robinson

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