[Coco] Power Stones of Ard II

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Sat Nov 12 08:55:20 EST 2016

Zz Zaza

On Nov 12, 2016 7:36 AM, "Michael Robinson" <michael at robinson-west.com>

> I've made it to tower 3 level 2 and haven't been able to solve the puzzle
> of the fireplace that has no fire in it.  Logically, you want to climb up
> the chimney, but the chimney is narrow.  Maybe you won't fit.  There are a
> ton of items including fresh food, which you need to eat at this point.
> The tin cup with a hole in it and the paper fan, aren't they used
> together?  How about the ladle, spatula, skillet, wooden spoon, dish,
> fork?  There are odd items I've never found a use for, a diamond from the
> 1st tower, a crystal key, and a black flag.  I'm carrying the yellow book
> with me and the white scroll.  If I can drop some stuff to lighten my
> load...  There is a large dining hall with tables and benches, doesn't seem
> to be anything you can do in there which is odd.
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