[Coco] Power Stones of Ard II

Michael Robinson michael at robinson-west.com
Sat Nov 12 08:27:28 EST 2016

I've made it to tower 3 level 2 and haven't been able to solve the  
puzzle of the fireplace that has no fire in it.  Logically, you want  
to climb up the chimney, but the chimney is narrow.  Maybe you won't  
fit.  There are a ton of items including fresh food, which you need to  
eat at this point.  The tin cup with a hole in it and the paper fan,  
aren't they used together?  How about the ladle, spatula, skillet,  
wooden spoon, dish, fork?  There are odd items I've never found a use  
for, a diamond from the 1st tower, a crystal key, and a black flag.   
I'm carrying the yellow book with me and the white scroll.  If I can  
drop some stuff to lighten my load...  There is a large dining hall  
with tables and benches, doesn't seem to be anything you can do in  
there which is odd.

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