[Coco] 26-3124 MPI

Barry Nelson barry.nelson at amobiledevice.com
Fri Nov 18 19:39:18 EST 2016

Yes! That is MOST definitely a chance it can damage the GIME chip! DON’T do it! It would probably seem to work, and it MIGHT never damage it, but I have seen it damage the GIME chip first hand! If it is not upgraded it can create a short circuit across the GIME chip output lines.

DON’T USE IT with a CoCo 3 till it has been upgraded!

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> Fri Nov 18 18:07:07 EST 2016
> I have been using my 26-3124 MPI with a coco2 for a while. I want to start using it with my coco3. I don't think it has been upgraded.   I know it may not work properly with the 3 but is there any chance I would damage the GIME chip by trying?
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