[Coco] Reproduction Coco Program Pak Boxes

Guillaume Major guillaume.major at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 20:05:36 EDT 2016

Hi Josh,

In the disks you've sent me there was only one music disk, Jukebox by Speech 
Systems, and was added to the archive in January. The utilities needs to be 
sorted out and copied to to individual disks. I'll get there eventually!

No, I don't have the service manual for the Coco 2 26-3026 and 26-3027 but 
they are welcome in the archive!


"Josh Harper via Coco" <coco at maltedmedia.com> a 
écrit dans le message de 
news:1995115017.1362973.1458446059234.JavaMail.yahoo at mail.yahoo.com...
> hi there
> what all of my disk have u checked
> seems like there some music and utilities no in the archive,tho I may be 
> wrong I my just not see them
> what all have u not checked yet
> I have a bunch more to send u, may be almost 1000 disk or so
> im just following up with u, not trying to rush
> thanks for making the archive possible, u have done a great job
> oh do u have the tandy service manual for the coco 2 26-3026,3027 if not I 
> will have it soon

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