[Coco] Transferring software from PC to Coco2 with RS-232 pak?

Brian Taylor brian.t.taylor at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 16:16:18 EDT 2016

Brian Taylor <brian.t.taylor at ...> writes:

I made a little progress. Instead of using "Send File" in Hyperterm I used 
"Send Text File" and the little square in the bottom 
right corner on the CoCo started flashing rapidly. 

After a minute it goes back to the BASIC prompt, if i try EXEC the screen 
colors change (black on gray border) but nothing else. 

The game I am trying to transfer is Buzzard Bait, and when I load it in 
an emulator it starts with the same screen colors and text that says "Tom-
Mix Software Presents." So I am getting somewhere.

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