[Coco] Transferring software from PC to Coco2 with RS-232 pak?

David Ladd davidwladd at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 19:40:23 EDT 2016


If you have the option I would probably try getting into DriveWire for
transferring files between the PC and CoCo.

You can get a HDBDOS ROM or a disk load able version of it to use that
should work fine with your CoCo2 via a Bitbanger serial cable between the
CoCo2 and the PC's serial port.


This would be a good link to follow for resources to research the
information that you need related to this topic.

On Sunday, March 20, 2016, Brian Taylor <brian.t.taylor at gmail.com> wrote:

> I recently obtained a Coco 2 with a whole boatload of perhiperals
> including two disk drives, Multipak, RS-232 program pak and cassette
> recorder.
> I tried transferring .CAS files to tape with CASOUT and CocoTape but
> they only seem to work half the time, and always fail to load (IO error)
> any games bigger than 10KB.
> I have the RS-232 pak hooked up to an old ThinkPad with HyperTerminal,
> and have succeeded in transferring text files to the Coco, with these
> settings:
> 9600 baud
> Half duplex
> 8 bit word length
> No parity
> 1 stop bit
> But I want to transfer programs. I tried transferring a machine language
> game .CAS file, using "Receive Machine Code" on the Coco, and the
> correct starting address, but I get a "* DATA ERROR *" on the Coco no
> matter what protocol I use (Kermit, X/Y/Zmodem). Lowering the baud rate
> doesn't fix it, either.
> Are .CAS files just not transferrable this way? Is there any way to
> convert a game in .CAS or .DSK format to a .BIN file that I could
> transfer? Or should I try another terminal program instead of the one
> loaded on the RS-232 pak?
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