[Coco] Transferring software from PC to Coco2 with RS-232 pak?

Brian Taylor brian.t.taylor at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 15:09:08 EDT 2016

I recently obtained a Coco 2 with a whole boatload of perhiperals 
including two disk drives, Multipak, RS-232 program pak and cassette 

I tried transferring .CAS files to tape with CASOUT and CocoTape but 
they only seem to work half the time, and always fail to load (IO error) 
any games bigger than 10KB.

I have the RS-232 pak hooked up to an old ThinkPad with HyperTerminal, 
and have succeeded in transferring text files to the Coco, with these 

9600 baud
Half duplex
8 bit word length
No parity
1 stop bit

But I want to transfer programs. I tried transferring a machine language 
game .CAS file, using "Receive Machine Code" on the Coco, and the 
correct starting address, but I get a "* DATA ERROR *" on the Coco no 
matter what protocol I use (Kermit, X/Y/Zmodem). Lowering the baud rate 
doesn't fix it, either.

Are .CAS files just not transferrable this way? Is there any way to 
convert a game in .CAS or .DSK format to a .BIN file that I could 
transfer? Or should I try another terminal program instead of the one 
loaded on the RS-232 pak?


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