[Coco] Flash updated Dragon DOS into SDC... help!

Rogelio Perea os9dude at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 17:31:48 EST 2016

Got far up as to get the newest Pere release for the Dragon  onto a DSK
image as a BINary file in the virtual disk.

I am using my CoCo 1 setup to attempt and flash the DOS into the SDC. After
changing the jumpers I can see and mount the DSK image from the SDC. I was
about to do the flashing when a reflection about where in memory is the BIN
file being loaded to hit me - this, as far as I know - would be a crucial
bit of information to later issue the proper WRITE command to store the DOS
in the SDC flash memory, bank 7 as I opted to use.

Right now my Dragon use SDC has DOSPlus on bank 4 and SDC DOS on bank 0.

I know the BIN file of the newest DOS is about 14,xxx bytes long (my notes
are upstairs, too long of a trip hoping on just one foot - long story) and
that the file's first two bytes are 'D' and 'K' as a proper DOS would have.
Also known the fact that for regular ML programs there is a way to snoop
out loading and exec addresses but... I have never tried programming a DOS
outside the world of EPROMs.

What would be the proper way to proceed? LOADM the BIN file and then WRITE
to the flash I figure but where would the CoCo load the file into memory to
then properly set the WRITE parameters to flash the image?

-- RP

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