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Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
Tue Mar 8 02:05:47 EST 2016

Tony, this is the first I've heard of this. There is no way possible my dropbox account hit any download limit (their daily limit for free accounts is 20g per day). 90% of the files on my account are Coco disks and there's no way anyone has downloaded 20g of Coco files from the 1.5 gig that is stored there (most of which have no public links).
I've had the account for almost 4 years and have never hit any limit, even when I had people downloading regularly.
I have contacted dropbox, so maybe I'll hear from them in a day or two.... If I'm lucky :-)
I think it will reset tomorrow (not sure), so try again then.


BTW, those starter kits are getting old and a new version of VCC and NitrOS9 is available. You may want to wait until I get a chance to update them before downloading. I was waiting for the next VCC release before I updatated the starter kits, but I may have to use the current version as the main VCC programmer working on the project has been working overtime and hasn't had much time to work on VCC.



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I'm not able to download your starter kit
The Vcc 1.4.3b Coco 3 6809 w/Becker Port, HDBDOS, DW4, & NitrOS9 L2 (98.7 meg)

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