[Coco] MShell and CoCo3FPGA with Analog Board

Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
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Stephen, Glad to know MShell is working with the CocoFPGA and Analog board. I have been following that thread (I'm also on the CocoFPGA list) and have been interested as to whether or not the mouse would work correctly with NitrOS9.

Since MShell 1.0.3s is working fine, then 1.0.3v should as well (only minor cosmetic changes I think). The only problem I see could be that the "init" file may have changed. If the "order" of items in the init file has changed, the previous init file can stop MShell from functioning properly. The "Install" program on the distro disks solves this by deleting any old files before installing the new ones, the updater does not do this, so your old init file is probably being used and "I think" I changed the order of items in one of the last couple of updates. I need to add a cmd to delete the init file in the updater so this will not happen. 

Try this....
Use the updater to update MShell (again). After the updater finishes, exit MShell (newer versions should "auto-exit"). Now type:

del /dd/cmds/ms1.init

Now run the updated MShell. You should be greeted this time with a Config editor. Answer the prompts. Mshell should work correctly then. If not, let me know and we'll see if we can find the problem.
I just "updated" my working copy of MShell with the updater and it is working correctly in VCC. My Coco 3 is packed up for now so I cannot test it on the Coco, though I hope to set it back up real soon.

 I hope this solves your problem. I will correct the init file problem in the updater (I've been meaning to do that but forgot).


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Hi Bill,I wanted to offer you an update to my MShell activities.  This weekend, I installed the Analog Interface board that I purchased from Ed (Zipster).I have the Analog Interface attached and successfully running with Gary Becker’s latest FPGA software.  I tried out MShell and it works well.  My version was 01.00.03S.  With the Analog Interface installed, I can finally use my Tandy Color Computer Mouse (yes, the one with the two pound steel ball inside)!When I got around to trying the update command, I saw that the current version you have is 01.00.03V, so I updated.  The update went flawlessly.  I am amazed with your update over the Internet through Drivewire process.  However, this version of the MShell is not working well for me.  It does not seem to recognize the mouse.  It thinks that I have the Hi-Res interface installed (I do not).  When I try to call up a menu, it pulls the wrong one, and it gets confused, sometimes showing two menus at once.  It did not work for me, I am sorry to say.I went back to my pervious beta .dsk image you sent me, and I have re-installed 01.00.03S again, and all is well for me right now.  I tried the memory test and it properly shows that I have 2 MB RAM available.  I actually have 4 MB, but I believe 2 MB is the limit for NitrOS-9, right?Anyway, I thought that I’d send you some up-to-date feedback.  Please let me know if there is some experiment that you’d like me to carry out.  I am still looking forward to all those goodies that you say are being developed for MShell!smp--Stephen M. PereiraBedford, NH  03110KB1SXE-- Coco mailing listCoco at maltedmedia.comhttps://pairlist5.pair.net/mailman/listinfo/coco

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