[Coco] MShell and CoCo3FPGA with Analog Board

Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
Sun Jul 10 17:07:10 EDT 2016

 Stephen (and anyone else using MShell), as a side note.... I should be releasing a new module for MShell sometime in the next week or so. I have the "Sound Chaser" module(s) for MShell about 89% finished. I just have to fix a couple of things in the various player sub-modules and it will be ready.

If you haven't used my (very much) older version of "Sound Chaser" then you are in for a treat.


Sound Chaser is a "multi-format music player" for NitrOS9. It gives a directory listing of all your files from which you can select Ultimuse3 (*.ume), standard Midi (*.mid), Paul Seniura's MMFPlay Coco Converted Midi (*.cmf0), and Musica (*.mus) files to be played (other formats coming). Files are selected in any order and all from the MShell style interface.

All MIDI formats can be played on real MIdi instruments through the CocoMidiPak and serial port MIDI (when no dw4 is being used), or through DW4 MIDI (no hardware needed, uses your DW4 host's "Midi Synth" and sound card, Dw4 required).
Musica and upcoming wav table sequencer formats such as Orch90 and Bells & Whistles II can be played through the 6-bit DAC (Coco sound) or the Orchestra90 pak.
There will be tons of utilities for getting your files moved around and even for batch converting standard MIDI files to Paul Seniura's MMFPlay format (cmf0). I hope to have Orch90 and B&W2 working soon as well as a couple of other formats.

Sound Chaser will be callable from MShell's "Modules" menu or from the new cmd line parameter. The new cmd line parameter will allow you to start MShell with the module you want to run, which for now is only the File Manager and Sound Chaser (more coming soon, BootMajik is getting close to being finished). You can switch back and forth between modules and never leave the MShell environment.

When this is ready, it will be available from the MShell site (Install disk image), the Sound Chaser site, and will also automatically install with the MShell Updater.
It will be labeled as "MShell 01.00.0W" (unless I move on to "X" first).

I will post the links as soon as I am finished with the Sound Chaser module :-)


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