[Coco] 512K EEPROM...or 4MB!!?

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While giving the CoCo the ability to program the chip would be kind of cool, it would also be a SLOW programming experience I think.  Besides, the hardware/software already exists cheaply to just pull the chips, plug them in and flash in a few seconds, then transfer back to the cartridge board.  The real problem, atleast in my mind, is all the additional hardware and board space that would be required to reprogram the chip.  This would increase the costs. These features were included in the CoCoSDC project, but that project had a different purpose.  This is intended to be a EEPROM only board, housing many banks of cartridges and .BIN's, with remote control ability.   Trying to make the CoCo control the cartridge, that is trying to control the CoCo, that is trying to control the cartridge...trying not to go there.

- Chad H

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On 12/8/2015 8:23 PM, Chad H wrote:
> Today I was looking at EEPROM chips and stumbled upon a 4MB chip that 
> meets all the criteria for what I could consider to be a candidate for 
> a EEPROM board.  My current boards support up to 512MB via PLCC32 or 
> DIP32 socket but the 4MB would require some creative adapting with its 
> TSOP40 layout.  In order to make practical, I could design a tiny 
> adapter board to solder it to, giving it legs so to speak, that could 
> be plugged into the EEPROM board or a special adapter for programmers 
> such as the TL866 or GQ-4X.  I'm wondering though if this is 'too much'.  We can fit quiet a lot of
> .ROM/.CCC/.BIN stuff in the 512K chips already, but 8 times as much?   Then
> again.is there such a thing as too much space?
What about working on a way to program the IC from the Coco?  It should not be that hard.  I can help with the hardware side.

of course, you'd need a BASIC app to do the programming, but that's not a huge issue, is it?


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