[Coco] 512K EEPROM...or 4MB!!?

RETRO Innovations go4retro at go4retro.com
Tue Dec 8 22:37:49 EST 2015

On 12/8/2015 8:23 PM, Chad H wrote:
> Today I was looking at EEPROM chips and stumbled upon a 4MB chip that meets
> all the criteria for what I could consider to be a candidate for a EEPROM
> board.  My current boards support up to 512MB via PLCC32 or DIP32 socket but
> the 4MB would require some creative adapting with its TSOP40 layout.  In
> order to make practical, I could design a tiny adapter board to solder it
> to, giving it legs so to speak, that could be plugged into the EEPROM board
> or a special adapter for programmers such as the TL866 or GQ-4X.  I'm
> wondering though if this is 'too much'.  We can fit quiet a lot of
> .ROM/.CCC/.BIN stuff in the 512K chips already, but 8 times as much?   Then
> again.is there such a thing as too much space?
What about working on a way to program the IC from the Coco?  It should 
not be that hard.  I can help with the hardware side.

of course, you'd need a BASIC app to do the programming, but that's not 
a huge issue, is it?


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