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If you have not already participated the Reynolds' DNA Project you should.  It can answer many of your questions of origin..
Also beware of the Tillman information if you have SC Low Country ancestors.  Tillman tried to connect Richard, Benjamin and William Reynolds of St. Helena's Parish (Beaufort area) SC  to Christopher Reynolds of VA.  The DNA project as well as research with wills, land records,  Parish records  and other documents proved otherwise.
Dottie Smith
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Hello All:

I have recently joined the group.  I was wondering if anyone has done any research into the Viking ancestry of the Reynolds family.  According to one of the Tillman books, the family claims descent from Grethferth the Dane.  According to my sources, Grethferth is actually Olaf Guthfrithson (aka Amlaib mac Gofraid), who became the Viking king of Dublin in 934.  Also based upon my sources, the Tillman information provided about Grethferth is incorrect.  Although I have opinions about the identity of Grethferth, I do not have substantiation.  If any members could shed some light it would be helpful.

My information comes from the Crispin Cousins genealogy group, of which the Harris family is a part and it also seems like the Reynolds family may be a part also.  As such, the Reynolds family is part of the genealogy of William the Conqueror, which goes back even further to Ragnar Lodbrock and most of the Viking kings of Dublin, York, and the Danelaw.

I hope to hear from someone soon.       

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