[Reynolds-L] [REYNOLDS] YDNA MARKERS FOR JAMES REYNOLDS D. C 1822 GREENE COUNTY, GEORGIA-Need info on George Reynolds Group???

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After looking over my information, I don't believe James and George are in my husband's family line.

Linda Reynolds

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I plan on looking into this further but wanted to answer one of your questions.  The subgroups were started when two of more participants' yDNA were found to be a match.  The former Administrators were responsible for grouping the individuals.  At the time they used the earliest known ancestor of the group as a heading.  Participant Daniel John Reynolds' ancestor George Reynolds, born 1796, Ireland was the earliest at the time. 

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Subject: [REYNOLDS] YDNA MARKERS FOR JAMES REYNOLDS D. C 1822 GREENE COUNTY, GEORGIA-Need info on George Reynolds Group???

Reynolds Researchers,

                These are the DNA Markers for my James Reynolds b.c. 1750 or before maybe in Virginia or Scotland or somewhere over seas.  Married Susannah/Sukey Malone, dau. of Daniel Malone, Sr..  Lived in Lunengurg County, Virginia, apparently physically moved to Halifax County, Virginia by late 1780’s, was in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, by 1798,  Died in Greene County, Georgia, with a will c. 1822.  Have descendants of most of his children except some daughters.  Only have their given and married last name from his will.

                On the familytreedna.com Reynolds web site the YDNA test for a male Reynolds surname descendant is #94373 under a group heading for a George Reynolds, no other information given on why this group is titled under George.

                Information listed with #94373 is James Reynolds b. in VA, d. c. 1820 GA, country Scotland and Haplogroup R-P-312.  I have since learned through connections that developed around the Reynolds Reunion held in Houston, Texas, last September that this sample was supplied by a Douglas Rutherford, a CPA in Lilburn, Georgia, from his now deceased Reynolds Uncle.  His mother is/was a Reynolds.  His Reynolds migrated west to Arkansas and then to Oklahoma and then he just happened to moved back to Georgia.  My Reynolds connections to James stayed in Greene County, Georgia.  I am originally from Georgia; I just married a Texan.

                My questions are, does anyone have any information on any of the other Reynolds that someone  assigned under this George Reynolds name?  I always thought that to be somewhat related the samples should fall into the same haplogroups.  Of these 14 samples listed under George only one other has the same R-P312 Haplogroup.  Does anyone have a paper trail of documentation on any one in this group of names that might seem to trace to our James Reynolds?

                Does anyone have any information on this George Reynolds and why these names/samples were listed under him?

                Our James Reynolds has first been found in Lunenburg County, Virginia, in the early 1770’s married to Susannah/Sukey Malone.  No other Reynolds are around to be associated with him.  The logical migration route would be from Isle of Wight County, Virginia.  Lots of information around on Reynolds from that county early.  No James and no James of right age to be ours.

                Obviously the YDNA markers match for them to be put together under some group name.  Does anyone have the/a paper connection or at least parts of what might fit.

                A book red book of which I have a copy has been written on the Malones.  I have researched the Reynolds off and on since 1967.  It was only since the Internet and e-mail lists at rootsweb.com developed that I made a connection on the Greene County, Georgia, list that finally got our James Reynolds out of Georgia through the Malone connections.

                Any addition information would be appreciated.  Happy New Year.

                Vivian Cates, Mound Prairie, Alto, Texas 75925-5706 1-936-858-3801


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