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You still could do the Family Finder DNA (Family Tree DNA, which also hosts the y-DNA Reynolds project), which tests autosomal DNA. Also a possibility is ancestry.com testing for autosomal DNA. Both tests are $99, I believe. The point would be to match a line that has done y-DNA testing. The person tested should be as far back as possible--closest to the ancestral line that you are tracing--so if you have a living parent, aunt, or uncle, or a cousin of one of those, you might want to test that person & you should test yourself in preference to your children for that reason.
My family's closest match is to an English Reynolds family, with American lines being more distant matches so I'm on a stonewall line also. I had a male-line descendant of my Great-Great Grandmother Norris (who was a Reynolds) tested.

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Alas, Joe, I understand that my two sons are not eligible for Reynolds DNA testing.  They would have their father's DNA - good Scottish DNA but not Reynolds VIRGINIA DNA.  I had
hopes that I would  no longer be a Stonewall until our excellent Reunion speaker explained DNA so I could finally understand it.   Joy
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Good Morning Cousins,


I’m in the process of working on establishing more lines and eventually doing away with the Line 25 (Stonewalls).  My question for you today:


Have you or a Reynolds family member been tested for YDNA and if you have who were you tested through?


Thanks in advance for your response.





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