[CPEPnews] ALL Contemporary Physics Education Project items will be on sale on Amazon.com on Monday

Howard Matis hsmatis at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 12:04:25 EST 2016

All of Contemporary Physics Education Project (CPEP) products will be 
discounted by 15% this Monday at Amazon.com.  All you have to do is 
enter code "A6HBYSIP" at checkout.  A link to our products can be found 
at https://goo.gl/K4nr4E.  (Please ignore the last three entries are 
they are not listed by us.)

You can also find our latest poster about Gravitation there.

This colorful, graphically rich chart illustrates and summarizes 
theories of gravity as they evolved from Newton's Law of Gravitation to 
Einstein's General Theory of Relativity. Side panels in the chart also 
include information about "classical" black holes and the indirect 
evidence for the emission of gravitational waves which resulted in the 
Nobel Prize in 1993 to Hulse and Taylor. The centerpiece of the chart is 
an artist's illustration of merging black holes which produced the first 
direct detection of gravitational waves.

So this Monday, catch up with the latest in Physics and purchase one of 
our products.

By the way, the American Physics Society just recognized CPEP with it 
2017 Excellence in Education Award.


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