[CPEPnews] New focus area for CPEP in Gravitation

Lynn Cominsky lynnc at universe.sonoma.edu
Thu Oct 13 15:40:53 EDT 2016

CPEP (Contemporary Physics Education Project) announces a new focus 
area: Gravitation

CPEP is pleased to announce the availability of educational materials 
inspired by the recent direct detection of gravitational waves from 
merging black holes. This includes a new classroom chart - Gravitation: 
 From Newton to Einstein which is now available for purchase from Amazon 


Now through 11/15/16, get 10% off your Amazon order using code: CPEPUYRR

This colorful, graphically rich chart illustrates and summarizes 
theories of gravity as they evolved from Newton's Law of Gravitation to 
Einstein's General Theory of Relativity. Developed by scientists at 
Sonoma State University who are members of the LIGO (Laser 
Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory) Scientific Collaboration, 
side panels in the chart also include information about "classical" 
black holes and the indirect evidence for the emission of gravitational 
waves which resulted in awarding the Nobel Prize in 1993 to Hulse and 
Taylor. The centerpiece of the chart is an artist's illustration of 
merging black holes which produced the first direct detection of 
gravitational waves in September 2015.

Also available free of charge on http://cpepphysics.org/gravitation.html 
are an Educator’s Guide to the Direct Detection of Gravitational Waves 
(suitable for grades 6 and higher) and original materials from two 
online courses for lower-division calculus-based physics instructors. 
These courses include many links to additional resources to help you and 
your students learn about the history of gravitation and the recent 
discovery of gravitational waves.

For more information, please send mail to: gravitation at cpepphysics.org

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