[Coco] Invaders09 game for OS-9 on GitHub -- updated by Jamie Cho

Allen Huffman alsplace at pobox.com
Sun Jul 3 16:28:15 EDT 2022

Long agon, Jamie Cho ported my Invaders09 program to the MM/1. He later ported it to old Mac OS, and then later updated it to more modern Mac OS X.

Jamie recently did some significant cleanups to my source code dump on GitHub, including changing the source so it will build under William Astle’s LWTOOLS compiler — lwasm. I am still trying to catch up with what has been done, but the GitHub is now far nicer organized (with all the old versions in a “legacy” directory, and a main version there for future updates).

https://github.com/allenhuffman/Invaders09 <https://github.com/allenhuffman/Invaders09>

The future is bright for this old 1994 game!

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