[Coco] CoCo FDC PCBs

Raymond Jett channelmaniac at yahoo.com
Mon May 31 09:21:59 EDT 2021

Hey everyone,
Not sure how many are on the Facebook group 'TRS-80 Color Computer (CoCo)'... I have a FS post out there for the older (requires +12v) floppy disk controller PCBs plus the lower half of the cartridge shell.
$8 each plus shipping. Two fit nicely in a USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate for $8.45 shipping or I can fit a lot more in a Medium Flat Rate for $15.50 shipping to the lower 48 states

I have 18 of those left.
I also have some one-offs... 

4 controllers with the gold/ceramic style controller chips Those are $12 each plus shipping
1 pair of controllers with physical issues - one has 2 cracked caps and the other is missing the FDC controller IC. $10 for the pair plus shipping
1 controller with complete shell. $15 plus shipping.
I'm located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metromess. I have an open thread on the FB group about these and have sold 48 controllers there so far. Shipping to other countries is a lot more these days. Feel free to unicast me if you have questions. 


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