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I found Ken's web page using Google and while the versions of DEFT and AGS are much lower than what you mentioned, they do run on VCC.They don't seem to work with Drivewire and as I don't have a disk on my CoCo3, I can't test them. Still if AGS runs with VCC, it should run on my CoCo3 using a floppy.

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  On Fri, May 28, 2021 at 6:05 PM, Carlos Camacho<idevgames at gmail.com> wrote:   I'm wondering if Ken Schunk is on this list?

I've been looking over his DEFT PASCAL AGS for the CoCo for a long
time and perhaps this weekend, I'll finally start to play with DEFT
PASCAL. I'm trying to understand the different releases. 2.x was for
the CoCo 1 and 2? And version 3.x was for the CoCo 3? In his site, Ken
talks about version 3 not being advertised. What features did it gain?
Just compatibility for the CoCo 3? He also talks about a needed patch
for the disk controller to make it stable under the CoCo 3. Is that
for version 2.x or version 3.x of DEFT?

Oh, I was also looking at this project: DeftPascalToolchain by Andre Ballista

He has also written a Deft Pascal library for the CoCoPSG. 'Sounds' very cool.
I'd be keen to talk to anyone who has used/is using DEFT off the list.



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