[Coco] CoCo Hardware???

Joe Schutts j_schutts at yahoo.com
Tue May 11 09:28:53 EDT 2021

Hi Everyone,
I'm finally in a position to get a 512K Memory upgrade and am having a hard time finding one. I tried to contact Richard Lorbienski (sorry IF I misspelled your name) and am waiting to hear back from him. But the reason I'm writing, is that I am also looking for a CoCo 3 to HDMI cable that I saw some time ago to go along with the 512K upgrade as well as some other items I need.
I also am having a hard time finding the site that had listings for (BOTH) software and hardware (for the CoCo) and I cannot remember it's name. It had items from many different people listed and was kind of a "One Stop Shopping Center" for the CoCo 1, 2, and 3. I tried to Google Search for it, but it didn't come up (for some reason) and I have no idea why or what happened to it.
Any help would be appreciated...
Thanks everyone and stay safe...

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