[Coco] Elections

Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Sun Sep 27 11:47:11 EDT 2020

Greetings GCCC members;

I rx'd a msg yesterday advising me (I think) of upcoming officers 

The reason I say I think, is that it came thru to me by way of mailchimp.

Mixed text and html, nothing was properly mimed or otherwise identified 
so that the TDE version of the old kmail could decode it into something 
actually readable. This kmail agent is a quite mature program, and can 
generally handle such mixed mode messages.  But not this one.

1. Spamassassin self declared that anything from mailchimp is spam and 
hasn't changed it mind in around 15 years.

2. I would think after all this time that mailchimp would have learned 
how to format this stuff into something readable, but sadly they have 

So, if possible, PM me directly. Or thru this list so graciously 

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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