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William, I had forgotten those... I knew there was more I was missing so I just perused my VHDs and found quite a few more... (I know there's even more)
This is a "doc" file for "LibreOffice" (or MS Word) listing Coco extensions, programs that use them, the OS used under, format (binary or text), and a brief description.
If you edit or add to this list, please send me a copy so I can update my list.


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I've hacked together some extra functionality into the aforementioned man
pager program and there are some extra file extensions that it recognizes.

There is a .mdoc extension that the man program describes as "mroff
formatted files with a .mdoc extension" (text)
There is  a .mman extension that is described as "mroff formatted manual
files with a .mman extension" (text)
There is mention of a .tdoc extension that a the program tsfmt can
supposedly turn into a formatted document.  These are described as
"TEXTFORMATTER files with a .tdoc extension".  Probably works similarly to
the mroff program.  I have never come across any .tdoc files nor the tsfmt
program in any archive or repository of OS9 software.  I commented it out
of my customer version of man to reduce overhead and program size. (format

Here are some others I have also run across:
.cuts files used by the cuts program to encode binary and text files for
transmission in emails and over USENET.  These files are then run back
through cuts to produce the original file. (text)
.tar OS9 has a unix like tar utility (binary)
.ipc for OS9 IPatch files (binary)
.scr for ShellPlus modpatch scripts.  Although I believe there is no
official extension for modpatch scripts but this is what is used in the
ShellPlus 2.1 archive (text)
.bl for NitrOS9 distribution boot list files (text)
There are also the various NItrOS9 module extensions: (all binary)
  .mn for device I/O managers
  .dr for device drivers
  .dd for device descriptors
  .io for input output managers
  .sb for subroutines?  Not really clear about this one.
  .dt for scf device terminals
  .dw for device windows

William Carlin

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