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Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Fri Oct 30 00:06:08 EDT 2020

On Thursday 29 October 2020 23:00:48 Allen Huffman wrote:

First, your reply link doesn't seem to work. bad reply address or 
something linux chromium doesn't like.

You ought to use a real email agent anyway. If you are going to PM me, at 
least use a legit, I can reply to it, address. Hence this reply goes to 
the coco list where you might see it.

I only have one rpi4 in service, a 2 gigger running raspbian buster 100% 
up to date, or at least I thought it was but it just updated 25 packages 
totalling 276 megabytes when I checked just now, was last updated Monday 
but with a custom preempt-rt kernel I built last year.

Its running about 1500 lbs of an 80 yo Sheldon 11x56 metal lathe 
converted with all ball screws to be run by linuxcnc, which I rebuild 
from github anytime there has been a new code commit to linuxcnc-master.
That was about noon today.

Running on a 5 volt, 5 amp psu, which is plugged into a cyberpower 625 WA 
ups, uptimes are measured in times between updateing a library it needs 
to be rebooted to bring it into use.  That was 24 days ago.  Before that 
the last reboot was 6 months back when I installed the cyberpower.

The rpi4 is talking to a mesanet.com 7i90 interface card at spi speeds of 
40 megabaud writes, and 25 megabaud reads.  And it all Just Works. I use 
BIG 64GB PNY sd cards so theres plenty of wear leveling room, but I do 
the linuxcnc build on a pair of SSD's plugged into the usb3 ports. That 
PNY card has been in service around 18 months now.

If your are having that much trouble, I'd suspect those wall wart power 
supplies, which often don't have enough surge amps to make the pi's dead 
stable.  I also have the stick-on heat sinks fitted, along with the fan 
from an old video card, the pi's run a bit hotter than I'm comfy with.

> Post       : Pi Problems.
> URL        : https://subethasoftware.com/2020/10/29/pi-problems/
> Posted     : October 29, 2020 at 10:00 pm
> Author     : Allen Huffman
> Categories : Raspberry Pi
> I have six Raspberry Pis (three Pi Zero Ws, two Pi 3s, and one Pi 4).
> Tonight I tried to upgrade some of them.
> * My CoCo-Pi 3 unit booted and I was able to update it and install the
> latest CoCo-Pi emulator package. * My second Pi 3 booted to a kernel
> panic, and I am having to reinstall. * My first Pi Zero W got stuck on
> the Rainbow screen so I'll have to reinstall it. * My second Pi Zero W
> has a different operating system running on it that I did not touch. *
> I also have a Pi 4 that is a retro game system, but I did not check
> it. What makes these systems, when they just sit here idle (not
> powered on, haven't been touched in months) not work? Anyone know?
> I've had many Pis since the very first one came out, and I've had many
> issues with them over the years.
> But I still buy more. Dunno why.
> Add a comment to this post:
> https://subethasoftware.com/2020/10/29/pi-problems/#respond

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