[Coco] Need help thanks in advance

Frank Swygert farna at amc-mag.com
Sat Oct 24 11:12:17 EDT 2020

Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2020 21:43:26 -0400
From: Mike Delyea <mdelyea at gmail.com>

In Windows, you cannot have a partition larger than 2TB unless certain
conditions are met.  The partition must be initialized by using the GUID
partition table (GPT) partitioning scheme.  Furthermore, you must have a
UEFI BIOS if you intend to boot from it.  A regular MBR partition and
non-UEFI BIOS won't work.  You would have to start over from scratch.


Can't you just make another partition and access the rest of the drive as
another drive letter -- or 2-3 sub 2TB drives??

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