[Coco] OVCC - Questions...

Andrew keeper63 at cox.net
Sat Oct 24 03:12:17 EDT 2020


I've been playing with OVCC a little bit, and I have run into a couple 
of issues - one may just be an emulation speed issue, and the other may 
be a bug that's not yet fixed - but I wanted to ask about them in case I 
need to do something "special":

1) When I set the cpu overclocking speed beyond a certain amount, if I 
resize the window above a certain size, the cpu speed will "jump" to the 
higher speed, but then, fairly quickly but gradually drop the speed down 
to 0.89 MHz. If I resize the window to something smaller, that number 
goes up, until at a certain window sizing, it hits the the max (89.4 
MHz) - and stays there. But this doesn't seem to be the case where a 
lower overclock allows for a larger window - even if I just set the 
overclock to say, 4 MHz - it will stay at that speed, but again if I 
increase the window size past a certain point, it will ramp down back to 
0.89 MHz

2) If I "insert" a cartridge game that uses artifact colors (this would 
probably be an issue with any such game or program), and I change the 
config to composite mode and reboot the emulator - I get a "gray" 
screen. If I switch back to RGB, the screen appears, but of course 
without any color (B&W only). I've tried various different settings of 
the emulator (changing CPU, memory, speed, how it boots, and much more) 
- but this issue always occurs. Is this a known problem?

I tried to do some research on both of these issues, and didn't find any 
mention of either - not for OVCC or VCC. So I just wanted to know if 
anyone else had seen these issues, and knew if they were problems, or if 
there were fixes or settings to fix them, or...?

Bonus question:

Also - what would be the best way for me to edit code in say, Visual 
Studio, but then transfer it to OVCC? Let's say a simple case of writing 
the code using BASIC? If there would be additional steps or things to 
think about for say, EDTASM or Microware C (OS-9) - that might be 
helpful to know, too. Would it be something where I have to use some 
utility to write an ascii file to a DECB (or OS-9) floppy image, then 
load that in DECB/OS-9 in OVCC - or are there other method(s)?

Thank you all!

Andrew L. Ayers
Glendale, Arizona

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