[Coco] Recreating the CoCo keyboard

Ciaran Anscomb cocomalt at 6809.org.uk
Tue Oct 20 16:59:22 EDT 2020

Allen Huffman wrote:
> I’ve been chatting with various suppliers on Alibaba, and it seems
> likely we could have something very similar to a CoCo keyboard layout
> done in small quantities. It wouldn’t be a drop in replacement for the
> CoCo keyboard, like the ones Ed has been hand making. It would be a PC
> USB keyboard but with the CoCo keys labeled and in the place we expect.
> Do we care about this?

Might be somewhat useful for emulation, assuming a sufficiently high
"KRO" (or less, but intelligently partitioned).  And for a reasonable
price in the UK I might even pick one up if they existed.

I'd still love a Dragon-fit one of Ed's though ;)

(With Topre 45g keys!  Yeah!  And I want the moon on a stick!)


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