[Coco] No Luck Getting OVCC working.

coco at jechar.ca coco at jechar.ca
Fri Oct 16 19:50:28 EDT 2020

My old version of OVCC stopped working and I am not sure how to install 
the new version.

I have downloaded it from Wally Zambotti Google Drive but when I run it 
I get this error

  error while loading shared libraries: libag_gui.so: cannot open shared 
object file: No such file or directory.

I suspect that I have put the AGAR librarys in the wrong location I just 
dumped the
executable and all librarys in the same directory with my ROM.

Does anyone know how  I can get this version 0.5c working.

Why can't they just send a Docker or even better an APPIMAGE that just 
works no mater
which Linux is being run.

I am using Mint 20 which has always worked with Ubuntu packages in the 


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