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As an international buyer i very much dislike the global shipping program.  Most of the time i end up (as a buyer) paying more in shipping costs and it takes  longer to receive the package,

They always add in the cost of duty and tax.  If i get the shipment directly from the seller via postal service i usually dont get the duty charge.

The time line to receive the package is extended since the package has to be sent (usually the wrong direction) to one of two stations then mailed again from there

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Hi Allen,

Making CoCo stuff available is a hobby of mine, and buying it runs a
close second. So you've got my attention.

As an enabler, some ideas for the room.

If you are rated an ‘Above Standard’ or better seller on eBay sign up
for the ‘Global Shipping Program’. International shipments will be
redirected to an eBay depot in OR or KY. Your shipping responsibility
and costs end there. Ebay handles customs, and bills the customer for
VAT, tariffs, airplane ride to Norway, and so on.

With or without GSP, there is a hidden gotcha in ebay shipping. ‘Ship to
US’, includes possessions. If you do not individually delist places like
Puerto Rico, Guam, etc you’ll be taking a loss on those sales.

Last thought on eBay shipping. Go here,
https://www.ebay.com/shp/Calculator plug in package weight, size,
sending Zip, and consider the NYC/CHI/LA figures when setting a min bid.
Know that all heavy items will ship to the farthest coast.

Looking forward to more things!

> I accidentally made the first auction live before I entered any shipping details, so I just listed everything with free shipping. I have no issue with international shipping, but I don’t want to get stuck with some outrageous shipping bill that costs more than what the auction sold for.
> I’ll see if it lets me make any changes.
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