[Coco] Looking for joystick & hi-res joystick reference / theory manuals

Walter Zambotti zambotti at iinet.net.au
Mon Oct 5 05:54:01 EDT 2020

Hi guys

I've got a week off and I'm trying to add the Tandy Hi-res joystick
adapter to OVCC.

Where can I find a theory of operation for the Hi-res joystick and also
the standard joystick device?

For the standard joystick I have been looking through the OVCC code and
can see where the SDL joystick input routines (I wrote) get the host OS
joystick values but I can't figure out where it places that joystick pot
value into an emulated CoCo register.

I assumed it would have written the value into $FF20 so it could be
found later by what was running on the emulator, but it doesn't appear
to be doing that!!!


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