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We must be on the same page... I was also looking, and linked up to the TL866II Plus, as well.
During my searches for updated software for specs, I ran across someone mentioning they needed 21V to program legacy EPROMs, and
they mentioned receiving a TL866CS for this purpose.


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Hi all! I recently got donated a bunch of EPROMs, of type 2708, 2716, 2732 ans 27128. However, they are the "older" kind that require 21v to programs them (one actually wants 25v!).

I started looking for a programmer. and the TI866 II Plus came up often. Looking at this item more closely I see that it also handles EEPROMs and about 10K other programmable chips. This is good. I prefer to get one programmer for whatever chips I may have than having to purchase the same device over and over again for different chips. I also noticed that it provides up to 18v to program the EPROMs, not the expected 21v.

What 21v EPROM programmers do you all recommend? Of course, if it also programs EEPROMs (28xx) and other devices that is better. Thanks! Salvador

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