[Coco] SDC, YA-DOS & Ron's VHD Image

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Tue May 12 16:00:37 EDT 2020

It's easier to use Ron's 3000 disk image if you flash Ya-Dos to an empty bank in the sdc.   Say BANK 3. Then do a 'RUN @3'. This will reboot the sdc into Ya-Dos. Ya-Dos will auto detect the vhd image

Another ssmall trick would be to write a program

10 CLS
20 RUN @3

Then save this as 'YA-DOS ' on the sdc card. When u turn on the coco and boot into SDCX just scroll down to this program and it will automate the restart.    The coco sdc will reboot into yadoss annd automatically mount the vhd

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   I have been trying to follow the list's guidance about using YA-DOS to
   access the large VHD that Ron Klein created, but I'm having problems.
     * I have a CoCo3 (6309 and Boomerang 2mb), Modified MPI and CoCo SDC
       (running ver 1.6)
     * The MPI is in physical slot #1
     * YA-DOS 0.5a ROM is in SDC bank 2

     * When booting YA-DOS (RUN @2) and holding down the left shift key,
       the Banner says: YA-DOS 0.5A PICARD

     I have created SYSCONFG. BAS in SDCX,DSK (which in is the root
   directory of my SDC card)
     * 10 'SYSCONFG.BAS
     * 20 'YA-DOS 0.5A
     * 30 DRIVE I 0,3,0
     * 40 DRIVE M 0,0

     I have placed Ron's DECBVHD.DSK in the root dirctory of my SDC card

     My startup.cfg file contains the following
     * 0=sdcx.dsk

   When my system does a cold boot SXDC Explorer version 1.00 starts
   automatically and displays the contents of the SDC card's root

   When I exit SDC Explorer and (at the prompt) enter RUN @2 I get the
   message: "?AE ERROR IN 30" (which is the DRIVE I command in

   What I would like to be able to do is to exit SDC explorer (the
   default) and then be easily able to start YA-DOS (via the RUN @2
   command) and then access the vitrual disks on Ron's dsk image

   What steps am I missing?

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