[Coco] SDC, YA-DOS & Ron's VHD Image

Ed Orbea ed.orbea at gmail.com
Tue May 12 15:39:54 EDT 2020

   I have been trying to follow the list's guidance about using YA-DOS to
   access the large VHD that Ron Klein created, but I'm having problems.
     * I have a CoCo3 (6309 and Boomerang 2mb), Modified MPI and CoCo SDC
       (running ver 1.6)
     * The MPI is in physical slot #1
     * YA-DOS 0.5a ROM is in SDC bank 2

     * When booting YA-DOS (RUN @2) and holding down the left shift key,
       the Banner says: YA-DOS 0.5A PICARD

     I have created SYSCONFG. BAS in SDCX,DSK (which in is the root
   directory of my SDC card)
     * 10 'SYSCONFG.BAS
     * 20 'YA-DOS 0.5A
     * 30 DRIVE I 0,3,0
     * 40 DRIVE M 0,0

     I have placed Ron's DECBVHD.DSK in the root dirctory of my SDC card

     My startup.cfg file contains the following
     * 0=sdcx.dsk

   When my system does a cold boot SXDC Explorer version 1.00 starts
   automatically and displays the contents of the SDC card's root

   When I exit SDC Explorer and (at the prompt) enter RUN @2 I get the
   message: "?AE ERROR IN 30" (which is the DRIVE I command in

   What I would like to be able to do is to exit SDC explorer (the
   default) and then be easily able to start YA-DOS (via the RUN @2
   command) and then access the vitrual disks on Ron's dsk image

   What steps am I missing?

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