[Coco] Booting Nitros9.

Tormod Volden lists.tormod at gmail.com
Sun May 10 18:47:44 EDT 2020

In the NitrOS-9 source tree there are makefiles for making boot ROMs.
There are several options:
-load kernel and boot file from ROM "pak"
-load kernel from ROM "pak", then load boot file from floppy
-do the same from motherboard ROM (replace BASIC ROMs)

During kernel boot, the boot file is copied from ROM into RAM at
$2600, before going all-RAM.

See e.g level1/coco1/bootroms/makefile

The level2/coco3/bootroms/makefile has just one option (load all from
motherboard ROM), but more options could be added. I have personally
only tested this on level1.


On Sun, May 10, 2020 at 11:36 PM Bill Gunshannon wrote:
> On 5/10/20 5:12 PM, Bill Pierce via Coco wrote:
> > We have a bootrom for the Coco3FPGA. That code could probably easily modified for other formats.
> >
> I wasn't thinking of a BootROM.  I was thinking of running NitrOS9 from
> a PROM like OS9 would have done in an embedded system.  No boot up, just
> turn on and be running.
> Guess I'll have to try and do it myself to see if it is possible.  Then,
> if it is, we can see what can be done with it.  :-)  Maybe make a system
> for another 6809 based box I have with no disks of any kind supported. :-)
> bill

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