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Steve Strowbridge ogsteviestrow at gmail.com
Tue May 5 08:47:41 EDT 2020

Over the past 5 years as I've been involved with learning all about the
CoCo again, I've been creating and posting a variety of videos on my
adventures with eBay, learning how to set up emulators, and now even
"fancy" things like DriveWire and using a PC as a modern development

The following YouTube play list:

Will have hopefully some videos of interest

   - My first experience using a CoCoSDC
   - How to setup (the original) VCC emulator
   - How to setup XRoar to emulate CoCos and Dragons
   - Updating CoCo SDC firmware and using SDC Explorer
   - Enabling Speech & Sound Cartridge emulation in MAME
   - Showing off some of the features of the CoCoVGA

New to this list from this past week

   - How to join the CoCo Discord server
   - Using a wireless SD card in the CoCo SDC for modern development
   - An idiot's guide to PyDriveWire, DWterm, and Telnet BBSing
   - Using PyDriveWire for a BASIC programming cross development environment

And new today:

   - How to set up MAME to emulate a CoCo part 1 - getting MAME installed,
   obtaining ROMS, booting a CoCo
   - How to set up MAME to emulate a CoCo part 2 - tweaking the UI for
   keyboard and joystick mappings, loading software from both cartridge and

For those of you who already know how to do all these things, these will be
of little value, but there are many, like myself, who've had to embark on a
journey of discovery, which I remain on to this day, and I hope for those,
these videos will be of some benefit.

The link to the play list again is

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