[Coco] Making model1 physical disks

rietveld rietveld rietveldh at hotmail.com
Sat May 2 22:15:59 EDT 2020

Not coco but still radioshack related. I was hoping someone here can help

I am trying to make physical model 1(not coco1) disks  ‎using a Tandy 1000 (286).

The Tandy 1000 is running DOS 6.22 from C: DRIVE (cf card) and has a physical 5 1/4 floppy. ‎ ‎I am using a Model 1 emulator on my win10 laptop to ‎create a virtual. Dsk. by adding /CMD files. I then copy that. Dsk onto my CF card.   I can't seem to do a COPY *.* from C drive (cf card) to B drive (5 1/4)

Any suggestions would be appreciated

On a side note I figured out how to convert CMD files to CAS so that I can at least load them like a WAV.

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