[Coco] Multiview in The emulator. VCC or OVCC

coco at jechar.ca coco at jechar.ca
Thu Mar 19 13:39:32 EDT 2020

Sorry for the False alarm, turned out I had a stuck F1 on my
keyboard, realized it when I was having a problem with the
F1 help key in a completely different program. Fixed with a
keyboard cleaning.


On 2020-03-18 22:41, Robert Gault wrote:
> I've just run a test with VCC 2.0.1e and the current MultiVue_6809.dsk
> @ https://nitros9.sourceforge.io/snapshot/MultiVue_6809.dsk
> The programs were run on a Windows XP system and worked perfectly
> regards the mouse movement and clicking in MVue. The disk was mounted
> in Drive0 and OS-9 started with the DOS command.
> I had VCC CPU set at 8192K, MC6809. The Keyboard set at Natural
> (OS-9). Joysticks set so that
> both Left & Right were Mouse.
> Robert
> coco at jechar.ca wrote:
>>   Ok the MultiVue_6809.dsk boots in OVCC but then I cannot figure out 
>> how to use a mouse.
>>   The coco's keyboard mouse worked partially, I could move the mouse 
>> pointer but then I could
>>   not click. I tried both F1 and F11 neither worked.
>>   The Mouse settings list Audio,Joystick,Mouse and Keyboard but seemed 
>> to be stuck on audio and
>>   it said "Feature not Implem"
>>   Any suggestions?
>>   Charllie

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